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We make a limited number of advertising opportunities available to companies that we believe are a good fit for our unique audience. If you would like more information, including audience demographics, psychographics, site traffic and rankings, please fill out the form to the right here and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss what options are currently available. We look forward to partnering with you!

Some of our standard offerings include:

Branded content sponsorship

Nifty Magazine’s Editorial Team Produces Content Presented by Your Brand. Our Branded Content is crafted to align your brand with relevant themes and to resonate strongly with your target audience, in a format that is native to Nifty Magazine. Over the years, we’ve learned that the best content campaigns are integrated and long-term — they feature multimedia, community engagement elements and offline events to bring your brand face–to–face with Nifty Magazine’s influential audience for sustained periods of time. A Branded Content series includes a destination page, which houses all of your branded content in one convenient location, surrounded by your brand messaging and social widgets. Our creative and product teams provide brand partners with turnkey solutions and designs.

Responsive ads

Nifty Magazine was designed to look beautiful on any screen, and your campaign should look just as great. Our Responsive Ad solution provides a gorgeous ad experience on every screen. These custom executions are fully rich–media, capable of allowing you to dynamically tailor your message without having to compromise time or quality. Nifty Magazine prides itself on a thoughtful balance of influential content sponsorship and display advertising. You are able to seamlessly display your ads in-stream on Nifty Magazine’s elegantly designed and mobile–optimized homepage.

Email marketing to drive precision lead generation

Nifty Magazine’s newsletter is customized and optimized for every subscriber, ensuring an ideal content experience. Each subscriber’s profile, along with special interests and website traffic, is managed in our database. You decide what type of individuals you want to reach, for example by seniority or company name, and we’ll make sure your message reaches that target group. We have had tremendous success in with native B2B content, used to drive precision lead generation.