BannerFlow recently launched its new HTML5 display ad builder platform. With the new product, BannerFlow is really changing the standards in the media creation game, providing new design tools to publishers, agencies and advertisers.

As avid Chromebook and Chromebox users, the team at Nifty Magazine has really been looking forward to an alternative to Adobe Photoshop for designing banners and after trying BannerFlow, we believe this is it!

Cloud based banner design for your Chromebook

With no install at all, we were up and running with our trial in minutes. BannerFlow allows businesses, advertisers, agencies and designers to create and manage large volumes of HTML5 banners, in different languages, in a very short time without any design team.

The look and feel of the platform is pleasant and banners save easily to the cloud. Even when testing with poor bandwidth, the platform perform impeccably, without disturbing the creative design process. You can upload any background graphics you need and add buttons and text the way you want. Even upload your own fonts if you need to.

Quickly design awesome looking HTML5 banners

In Photoshop, designing a high quality banner can take up to 40 hours. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how much BannerFlow allows users to cut down design time. It is very easy to use all the tools available and truly a powerful banner production platform to streamline your banner production process.

As a magazine, being able to offer our customers to design their banners in HTML5 for free is something we’ve been dreaming about for a long time. That is now a reality since BannerFlow allow us to create banners in a heartbeat and then publish them to our website via RunMags as responsive HTML5 ads.

Simply awesome!